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We’re a dedicated team of forward-thinking collaborators, committed to delivering top-tier lighting solutions that inspire, endure, and exemplify excellence.









Transformative, Innovative Solutions.

ZAIA Lumina’s latest IoT enabled lighting solution in partnership with syncromesh is making buildings smarter and more sustainable than ever before which is imperative as the world strives towards carbon neutrality.

Exceptional High-Quality Raw Material Sourcing

All of our materials and components are sourced from our trusted suppliers and undergo diligent testing to ensure they meet our internal standards.

Rigerous Internal Quality Control Process

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail with a strict internal quality control process, all products and packaging are checked and approved internally prior to shipping.

Over 30 Years Of Experience In The Industry

Our expert knowledge and experience in the lighting and technology industry allow us to provide you with the most innovative solutions for our project.

Internationally Distributed Lighting Solutions

Our exceptional range of premium products is strategically distributed to clients and projects across diverse global regions, ensuring widespread reach and impact.


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Our Team

Meet The Experts Behind ZAIA

With over 30 years of collective experience, our team of expert lighting engineers excels in integrating cutting-edge lighting technologies from around the globe into our continually expanding array of commercial, decorative, and bespoke lighting solutions.

Our Partners

ZAIA Lumina are proud to be IREP Power’s exclusive partner, providing custom lighting and technology solutions for their global commercial and residential projects.
Our partnership with Cognian allows us to integrate the most sophisticated IoT technology into our products not only to respond to the evolving needs of of our consumers but to also vastly improve user experiences and product capabilities for our clients.
Sol-kom Energy Group is a global renewable energy specialist and together we pave the way for a sustainable future for all communities and countries we operate in.


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