Radisson Blu Resort

Radisson Blu is a 5 star beachfront Resort located on the coast of Vietnam. With a grand entrance and foyer, this lighting installation formed the new spectacular centerpiece for the reception. The light was constructed by hand and carefully suspended from the ceiling to form a series of organic waves and curves all made from glass tubes.

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ZAIA Lumina’s latest IoT enabled lighting solution in partnership with syncromesh is making buildings smarter and more sustainable than ever before which is imperative as the world strives towards carbon neutrality.

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ZAIA Lumina are proud to be IREP Power’s exclusive partner, providing custom lighting and technology solutions for their global commercial and residential projects.
Our partnership with Cognian allows us to integrate the most sophisticated IoT technology into our products not only to respond to the evolving needs of of our consumers but to also vastly improve user experiences and product capabilities for our clients.
Sol-kom Energy Group is a global renewable energy specialist and together we pave the way for a sustainable future for all communities and countries we operate in.